Welcome to The Party Pony! The Party Pony is a large party hall full of fun, wonderful things for kids ranging from toddler to early elementary school ages. This includes a full caraousel, a moon jumping blowup room, a rock climbing mountain, and much, much more! Pricing: 1 hour: $100 1.5 hours: $150 2 hours: $200 3 hours: $270 About Us: from The Wyoming Tribune Eagle: "As the grandmother of five children under the age of 5, Diane Sloan was frustrated about the lack of playtime options. Parks offered a reliable choice, but only if the weather was warm. Birthday parties created another problem. The Municipal Pool or a bowling alley is a good site for older children, but not for the youngsters in Sloan's family. So she decided to build something new. The Party Pony at 1902 Avenue C could pass for a cheery cream-colored barn from the outside. But inside features a world built for kids. The circus music isn't out of place when the room contains a children's carousel, castle-shaped bounce house and funhouse mirrors. A climbable dinosaur and giraffe peek out of the corners, alongside a miniature mountain. A bubble machine, horse-shaped tire swing and alligator ball toss complete the party package. A deck built in a back corner hosts a row of picnic tables waiting for birthday cakes, presents and goody bags. Sloan said she supplies suckers, balloons and the rentable space for $100 an hour, while parents bring the food, treats and guests. A microwave, refrigerator and freezer also are available to heat nacho cheese or chill ice cream cakes. 5 Ronnetta Askew said she used the Party Pony for her daughter's September birthday and rebooked for her son's party later this month. "I fell in love with it as an adult," she added. Her daughter was immediately drawn to the restored 100-year-old Coney Island carousel and couldn't stop talking about "those ponies" after she got home. Raven Coward said for the first time she organized a children's party that didn't end in fights or tears. But it was an easy celebration to oversee, since there were enough activities to keep 20 youngsters entertained. " “I got great feedback from the parents," she added. "They thanked me for the party." Sloan said she books an average of four parties a week but expects family reunions to be popular as well. Her grandchildren also gave the Party Pony their approval, and it has become their favorite place to play with grandma
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